Khabib Nurmagomedov papakha sheepskin fur WINTER HAT


Papakha hat – national headdress, which is widely distributed among the peoples of the Caucasus, as well as Central Asia, there are everyday, wedding. It is about this headdress by the inhabitants of the mountains invented sayings like “Papakha- not for warmth, but for honor.” Popular long-haired papakha, made of special sheep skins, soft and silky fiber. Shepherds, such papakha,use them as pillows, as they are comfortable to sleep on. The essence of papakha is to increase the growth of man, to make his camp more proud and courageous. For the peoples of the Caucasus and Central Asia, this hat was a significant source of pride. Their size was often equal depending on how much the owner wanted to stand out among those around her. Therefore, the Caucasian Highlanders often tried to outdo each other with the height of their dads. 100% One hundred percent handmade! Of the best sheep and goatski

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Papakha sheepskin




Turkmen Handmade


Sheepskin Fur



Recommendations for care

Mandatory care after wet weather to dry and lightly comb the shake of the papakha, it is also recommended, removing the hat should be put on the top of the top of the top of the top to ensure that the wool was not rolled off the bottom of the papakha, in this form it will retain its qualities and Beauty.

For whom

Man, young boy and women


Wavy curls


Winter, Spring


Papakha, Caucasian papahi, hat,


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